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April 17th Catalog Horse Sale

Sale Date: Apr 17,2021
#/Head: 62

Consignor: Jolene Slater
Addt'l Comment: Won 1st and 2nd place at two different sorting for Christ shows, 1st in Mount Selmon and 2nd in Big Sandy. Has been extensively trail ridden and loves working with cows. Is sensitive to leg pressure and cues. Will pick up a trot and lope smoothly when asked and picks up both leads. Would perform best with an intermediate rider because he is not finished, but would make a great project. Gage is very very smart and knows how to open gates by himself. You can rope off him, open gates on him, check the mail or take him to a playday to have fun. He is started on the barrels pattern and enjoys it both at a trot and a canter. He has not bucked or shown attitude at all and loves people.

Consignor: Colt Carter
Addt'l Comment: "Leo" is 14.3 and weighs 1125. He's a really pretty horse that has seen all aspects of ranching. He is good to ride on trails and down the road. Would make a good head or heel horse.

Consignor: Joel & Sarah Bowman
Addt'l Comment: The kind everyone wants, whether it be for your kids or yourself. He has worked like a slave his entire life and it’s made a good one out of him. “Brady” is strait off the Waggoner Ranch. He is tried and true and as real of a ranch horse as they come. He has some bumps and scars from working for a living but doesn’t take a lame step. Take him and use him yourself or let him babysit your kiddos. He has a heart of gold and is the kind you want to raise your babies on. Broke the way you want one, honest and gentle. Outstanding to sort on and great to rope one on. You’ll be well mounted to do any job you set out to do.

Consignor: Logan Nace
Addt'l Comment: He stands at 16.1 hands. Spade has been started on the barrel pattern, has been rode on trails, very easy going no buck, kick, or bite. Sells sound.

Consignor: Jason Graham
Addt'l Comment: This horse is capable of doing any event whatsoever. My 10 year old girl runs barrels and goat ties on him. Has breakaway roped calves. I have hauled him to some World Series team ropings to head on, however he is still green in the roping pen. He is currently being used to doctor cattle on a yearling operation. You can cut on him or do reined cowhorse events. This gelding can really run and he is outstanding.

Consignor: Brett Clark
Addt'l Comment: “Lynx” is an outstanding all around gelding. He is finished on the head side and is suitable for any number roper. You can use him anyway you like outside from a roping, sorting, crossing water, and dragging to the fire. This gelding knows what a days work is and always willing to please. Lynx will fit anybody and stays gentle with time off.

Consignor: Ryan Andrews
Addt'l Comment: “Royale” has been used for team roping, hauled to local jackpots and World Series. He came from a cutting operation and was used for a turn back horse.

Consignor: Blade Wilson
Addt'l Comment: Trained cutter that is a big time breakaway horse or heel horse prospect and has enough speed to make a barrel horse.

Consignor: Luke McGinn
Addt'l Comment: He has been rode in the feed yard for the last year.

Consignor: Watson Cattle Co.
Addt'l Comment: You’ll never meet another like Ralph. This stunning 6 yr old buckskin gelding has been a super star from day one! Broke and trained on our place by my son and has a resume a mile long. He has most of his earnings on the heel side, however he is equally as tough on the head side! Quiet in the box and although he is young he hauls like a pro. In 2020 alone my 15 yr old won $56,000, a trailer, 7 saddles and numerous buckles on Ralph. Records of earnings available. He has been in the bright lights at USTRC finals, World Cup finals at Lazy E, The Patriot and everywhere in between. He has been ridden from the 9’s through the 13 slides and ridden by a #4 through #7. He stands exactly 14.2 and is made right. Ralph is watchy on the ground and requires a soft hand, however has never bucked and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body! You can ride him through a circus without a flinch! He is easy to catch, but can be hard to worm and absolutely hates needles. The great ones all have their issues! Currently being hauled and used daily in the practice pen. You can run 3 or 30 and he will be the same. We have 100’s of videos and he will sell 100% sound with no notable scars or blemishes.

Consignor: Charley Spurgeon
Addt'l Comment: 3 year old grey gelding. He didn’t make a cutter. I’ve used him all winter on the grain fields. This is a good broke colt. I work on a big precondition place by Waco and I have rode him pulling sicks, doctoring outside, loading trucks and used him for just about every thing you do on a ranch.

Consignor: Logan Nace
Addt'l Comment: “Ivan” is a 4 year old registered gelding that has been used outside all his life he will stand 15 hands and is as gentle as they come sells sound!

Consignor: Shawn Holden
Addt'l Comment: Ropers and barrels racers you will notice his pedigree. Traffic Guy, earner of $17,273 and 24 AQHA points with progeny earnings of over $500,000. Traffic Guy is a full sibling to Morning Traffic aka Martin who is run by Stevi Hillman, winners of the Pendleton Roundup and NFR qualifiers. Painted By Traffic is trained for team roping on the head side. He scores great, has a lot of run and rate, pulls good and faces well. He is also patterned in the barrels. He is smooth and has a nice stop. He is gentle and sound.

Consignor: CE Horses & Ponies
Addt'l Comment: "Walter Banks" is an 8 yr old, 42 inch, round as he is tall pony gelding. He is special enough that he has a first and last name. Walter is as ranchy as you could ask for a pony to be. He is gentle and quiet and always does whatever is asked of him with no nonsense. This pony has seen all the sights from the ranch to the rodeo arena. He is patterned on the poles and barrels at a trot and is not a hot pony, stays even tempered and solid all day. He has seen goats a couple times. Wouldn’t consider him a goat pony yet, but am sure it wouldnt take much time. This pony will lope out when asked, he is not a speed demon by any means, but will only go as fast as a kid asks him to. Rides double and bare back, has a great stop, loads and bathes easily. Walter Banks is appropriate for a confident beginner and up. We think he would be the ideal first little step up for a small child that's knows how to use one. Sells sound.

Consignor: Chip Statham
Addt'l Comment: “Major” has been started right. He has been used to bring cattle in and let the kids ride around the ranch. Very nice gelding with his whole life ahead of him.

Consignor: Cinch Rogers
Addt'l Comment: “Randy” is an AQHA registered gelding, really good to use outside, he will watch a cow and you can rope anything you want to off of him. He is 100% sound in every way. He does NOT get fresh with time off. He’s also been used to heel off of in the arena.

Consignor: Rafter C Ranch
Addt'l Comment: Here’s a fancy mare that’s bred in the purple and is ready to finish your way. She has the size and ability to make a barrel horse. Your options are unlimited here don’t miss this fancy mare.

Consignor: Joel & Sarah Bowman
Addt'l Comment: Willa is a big bodied, big boned mare with shape and size. She is a sure enough ranch horse that is broke the way you want one and is ate up with cow. She is a superstar in a gate to sort on and will get down and flat move in front of a cow. She’s had hundreds doctored on her and knows what it is to work for a living. She’s one that’s a pleasure to have in your using string. Use her on the ranch or take her to the sorting or roping pen. This is a broke and versatile mare that has a lot to offer.

Consignor: Brad Stephens
Addt'l Comment: This nice gelding has $6,856 in NCHA earnings. He won the Congress as a 3 year old, ridden by Tracy Barton. He has 1 AQHA cutting point and has won many jackpot cuttings. He has a certificate of eligibility and is eligible for $2,818 in all 2021 novice classes. He had a year off due to a divorce and is ready to leg up for the next season. Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to have a finished and proven cutter.

Consignor: Luke McGinn
Addt'l Comment: He has been rode in the feed yard and is lightly started on the heel side.

Consignor: Leo Gonzales
Addt'l Comment: He is a finished head horse and an exceptional ranch gelding. Day work on him during the day and jackpot on him at night. Hook is tough as they come and stout as an ox. Rope a bull in the pasture, step off and go get the truck; he will be there holding when you get back. He is user friendly for anyone to ride. My 8 year old son cracks him around all the time. This horse is honest, gentle and tough. You don’t find all three in a horse of his age very often.

Consignor: Ashley Little
Addt'l Comment: If you’re looking for your next barrel prospect, here she is! This classy bay filly is bred to run and she just finished 60 days under saddle and on wheat pasture cattle. Ready to go on with and give her a job! She just turned 2 and still has a lot of growing to do. She will have the speed and athleticism to do any number of disciplines. Both sire and dam were money earners in the track. Don’t miss this one!

Consignor: Logan Nace
Addt'l Comment: Has been used in parades and is super gentle!

Consignor: Kasie Loud
Addt'l Comment: This high bred young gelding has 60 days of riding loops. He picks up his leads, flexes and is really broke for his age. Been pushing steers out of arena on him also. He is paid in full to future fortunes. Guaranteed sound.

Consignor: Watson Cattle CO.
Addt'l Comment: “Darcy” is an extremely gentle filly that has a bright future! She has been my youngest sons project where he has started her tracking the hotheels, sorted and worked cattle on our heifer operation, hauled her to ropings, and much more! She has been on trail rides and exposed to everything from 4 wheelers to fire trucks! Darcy has a very sweet demeanor, excellent manners and is very quiet on the ground and in the saddle! She stands right at 14.1 hands, the perfect size for a calf/heel prospect! Gritty around cattle, very athletic and has a big stop. She is ready to take in any direction you wish! Sells 100% sound with no notable blemishes.

Consignor: Denny & Bridget Finley
Addt'l Comment: Ex-reining mare. Granddaughter of Shining Spark. 14.2 hands. Handy broke. Has a big stop and nice turn around on her. Can be ridden quietly around the pasture to check fence. Has pushed and sorted cattle on the ranch. Great broodmare.

Consignor: Bo Whitton
Addt'l Comment: Good looking grullo gelding. Very gentle in the saddle and on the ground. No bad habits. He has 30 days training in the roping pen heading and heeling by champion team roper Brent Scoops out of Navasota Texas.

Consignor: Blade Wilson
Addt'l Comment: Really fancy using horse, been ranched on a bunch. Absolutely safe for anyone and wears a size 2 shoe.

Consignor: Brenda Gehrt
Addt'l Comment: Stoli x Sun Frost. Very gentle, laid back, pretty mare that runs barrels, is started on poles & is super nice for trail riding. She is a great mare if you are looking for a low maintenance easy to ride, doesn’t have to be ridden every day type of horse. She soft lopes on a nice loose rein, will slide to a stop and has a really nice turn around. She crosses over correctly in front for a super smooth nice turn around on a loose rein. Everything about her is EASY, catch her, clip her, load her in the trailer, shoe, give shots/worm and haul her. She stands 15 or 15-1, easy to get on and off of. Doesn’t spook, she just rides off smooth and relaxed. Moves off your legs to open/close gates or position her in barrels and poles. If you were interested in doing any type of going over obstacles competitions she would be your candidate. She has been taught complete suppleness and body control from her head to her hind end. She has been lightly hauled and is making super smooth barrel patterns. This mare is loaded with handle and ability, and is bred to do well. She is sound.

Consignor: Jolene Slater
Addt'l Comment: 14 hands. Won 2nd place at a sorting for Christ show in Big Sandy. Has been extensively trail ridden and lives working with cows. Is sensitive to leg pressure and cues. Will pick up a trot and lope smoothly when asked and picks up both leads. Would perform best with an intermediate rider due to sensitivity. Performance geared for sure. Really nice handle. Will side pass, open gates, spin, back up, etc. Eager to please. No attitude at all and is mid-tier in the pasture. Easy to catch. Has not bucked or shown attitude at all and loves people.

Consignor: Brett Clark
Addt'l Comment: Stands 15.1 hands with lots of eye appeal. He has spent countless hours in a feed yard and outside on the ranch. On his days off he is a family horse and will be gentle for whoever you put on his back. He has been there done that. If you're looking for a trail or ranch gelding he will work for you.

Consignor: Joe Mattern
Addt'l Comment: Safe gentle gelding. Head horse. Used for elk hunting in the mountains and all aspects of ranch work. Also used as a pick up horse. Finished head horse. Very quiet in the box, scores, runs and is safe for any level roper. A great safe horse the whole family can use.

Consignor: Coy Turner
Addt'l Comment: “Jerry” is a 19 year old ranch horse that has been used all his life . He was calf roped on a lot when he was young. He is very well broke 100 percent sound and ready to go to work.

Consignor: Luke McGinn
Addt'l Comment: Been used in the pasture and is a finished heel horse he has a lot of run and a big stop.

Consignor: Shawn Holden
Addt'l Comment: Very nice ranch mare. Used outside all her life. She has a good handle. Smooth riding mare. Good to rope on. She is handy in the sorting pen. Gentle and sound.

Consignor: Bo Whitton
Addt'l Comment: 13 year old sorrel gelding. Gentle on the ground and in the saddle. Nice handle and good stop. Can team pen on him. Good barrel prospect, cruising a great pattern. Lots of speed, but easy to ride.

Consignor: Logan Nace
Addt'l Comment: 14.1 hand gelding that has been used in Randal county feed yard. He has been heeled on and been sorted on. He will sell sound and genlte.

Consignor: Colt Carter
Addt'l Comment: “Coffee” is 14.3 and weighs 1100. He has been used by a 60 yr old man in a pre con yard. He is good to open and shut gates on. He has had a few slow steers headed on him and is gentle for most everyone to ride.

Consignor: Brad Stephens
Addt'l Comment: This gelding is a finished reining horse. He has had lots of training, has lots of rides and with a little tune up could be back in the show pen. He would make a great show horse, ranch horse, head horse, or anything else you want him to be. Just look at his pedigree and it speaks for itself. He has size, bone, talent and lots of shape. Show record will be announced in the ring.

Consignor: Rafter C Ranch
Addt'l Comment: "Dillon" is a fancy buckskin gelding that will fit the whole family. He is 15 hands with lots of chrome. There's nothing he can't do. He is a finished ranch horse, but will also fit any rider you put on his back. From the trails to putting in a days work he stays willing at all times.

Consignor: Dustin & Ciara Duncan
Addt'l Comment: She is very well started and has been extensively used to pen and sort cattle in the pasture and feedlot, and also been taken to the play days to do lead line and solo events. She has a very laid-back and easy going personality. Cassie is super easy to catch and does not have a mean bone in her body. She will walk trot and lope circles both ways and picks up her leads as she should. She is not spooky and has not one single vice.

Consignor: Ryan Andrews
Addt'l Comment: Skeet has been out family pony, but he doesn’t know he’s a pony. He rides like a big horse. My kids have roped on him, trail rode, penned cows and ran barrels.

Consignor: Luke McGinn
Addt'l Comment: He has be rode in the feed yard and we have roped a hand full of steers out of the box on him. He can run and has a big stop.

Consignor: Steve Smith
Addt'l Comment: 14.2-3 hands Gentle. First one at the gate to meet you. Let him set up and he is the same horse. No bite or kick. Registered, but cannot get papers. Loads and unloads from trailer. Good with farrier.

Consignor: Tina Matthews
Addt'l Comment: My daughter has used her for barrels and breakaway. I was told she heads and heels as well, but we have never tried.

Consignor: Sarah Hallum
Addt'l Comment: 16.1 HH. Rides English and Western. Can side pass. Long and elegant. Has shown in Western Dressage, winning Grand Champion and several Firsts. Has done some obstacle course challenges: over bridges, through obstacles and gates, etc. Has shown in Halter. Was Reserve Grand Champion at the Paint Congress as a 2 yr-old. Loads/unloads well. Easy to catch. Good in wash rack. Good with feet. Social with other horses. Great all-around show prospect. Best for intermediate or better rider. Currently used for pleasure riding. Looking for a good horsemanship rider to tune him up.

Consignor: Leo Gonzales
Addt'l Comment: Barbie stand 15 hands and as you can see has a beautiful mane that hangs below her neck with a tail to match it. I have roped a lot of cattle outside and drug cows and bulls into the trailer with her. She will give you all she has every time. She is smooth to ride and will cover some country. Barbie is one hand broke and will get in the ground and stop. You can take this mare and use her for whatever you want and look good doing it! Don’t miss out on this awesome mare.

Consignor: Sandy Driscoll
Addt'l Comment: For sale only because I have too many outside horses in training and I need my stalls, so some of my personal horses must go. My loss! Fancy is as wide as she is tall, smooth to ride and super sweet. Right at 14 hands tall, so the perfect size for kids or adults. I have no issues with her at all, anyone can handle her. She will watch out for the little kids and babysit all day if you want or she will work all day. She does what’s asked of her no complaints, issues or drama. Fancy is solid solid solid. She rides quiet and sane every time. She has been on tons of trail rides, pushed cattle, team penned, will carry a flag, she will do all the playday events at whatever speed you ask. She walks out nice, will walk, trot, lope when asked, has a nice neck rein, crosses water and steps over and through anything. She is very well started on mounted shooting. My daughter is 11 and she has been competing in mounted shooting using Fancy. Fancy is just a neat little mare. Solid, sane and sound. She is truly one anyone can ride and enjoy.

Consignor: Logan Nace
Addt'l Comment: Has a mane to his shoulder and a full tail to the ground. He will be a certified ranch horse and gets better every time you ride him!

Consignor: Luke McGinn
Addt'l Comment: She has been rode in the stockyards, hauled to jr ranch rodeos and was used as a lesson horse at the riding camps.

Consignor: Hunter Simineaux
Addt'l Comment: Strait Gray Ranch bred. One of the best crosses from the Gray Ranch Scottys Pistol on Right This Minnick. Gentle, approximately 60 days riding with Rene Tate.

Consignor: Blade Wilson
Addt'l Comment: Buttermilk buckskin gelding. He's had millions doctored on the outside. He's drug lots of calves to the fire and is very very broke and gentle for anyone.

Consignor: Denny & Bridget Finley
Addt'l Comment: AQHA 13 year old big ranch gelding. 15.2 hands tall, taped. “Captain” came off a big cattle ranch in Oklahoma and is branded accordingly, which is notated on his papers. He’s bred cowy with names like Watch Joe Jack and Zippo Pine Bar ON his papers. He’s got a very nice handle on him- neck reins, works off his hindquarters, good stop, drops his head to back up, side passes. Can throw a rope off him with absolutely no issue. Loads and unloads easy, usually walks to you to catch, gets along with other horses, easy keeper. He’s a friendly guy and likes people. He is partially BLIND in his right eye. He wears a half set of shoes and is completely sound to my knowledge.

Consignor: Circle T Ranch
Addt'l Comment: We have used him to doctor on and check cattle. Our whole family has rode him. He stays gentle and is one hand broke. Ride him bareback or saddled.

Consignor: Sandi Driscoll
Addt'l Comment: Cute little mare. Stands 48 inches. When she sheds out she is a black overo pinto pony. She was shown in halter as a yearling and two year old and was started driving. She is easy to catch, groom, trailer and picks up hooves. She will pony off a big horse or leadline anywhere. She will also ride off by herself. She had a black filly last year and is a great momma. Super sweet little mare ready to have some kids pamper her and use her.

Consignor: Logan Nace
Addt'l Comment: "Shorty" is a 3 year old mare that stands 14.2 and is built the very best. She has been used outside ans stays gentle.

Consignor: Chavela Alexander
Addt'l Comment: Sky is a beautiful true black/white medicine hat paint mare with black bonnet and 2 blue eyes. She is green to being handled, but with work has been getting better and is beginning to trust. Lunges out great. Has great size and is very athletic. Could go any direction with training or would throw some beautiful foals.

Consignor: Ryan Andrews
Addt'l Comment: Curtis is a cute black gelding used for trail riding.

Consignor: Linda Marshall
Addt'l Comment: 38” tall. Super cute mini that is a broke little guy. Loves to be brushed, rode, looking for his new kid. Loves to just walk around but will go when asked.

Consignor: Robert Cunningham
Addt'l Comment: 15 hands reiner broke, a lot of buttons. Been shown at paint horse shows and stockhorse of Texas. Earning money and points in both. In reining, western pleasure, trail and versatility. Sound easy to shoe no vices.

Consignor: Logan Nace
Addt'l Comment: Stands 15 hands and will sell sound!

Consignor: Ethan Harrison
Addt'l Comment: Knows his ground work. Will travel around. Needs someone to out time into him. Experienced rider. Not a kid horse.